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High Resolution Audio: The DVD+FLAC and FLAC192 Discs

DVD+FLAC Disc contains high resolution audio with 24 Bit/96kHz in two different formats: As a directly playable DVD and as FLAC files for the Media Player or Computer.

DVD can be played on all DVD players, wherein it can be run like a normal CD; no menu structures, which need a screen for their display.

Moreover, the disc contains the music in form of files in the widely circulated and popular FLAC format. These files can be read from any DVD ROM drives. FLAC stands for the abbreviation of “Free Lossless Audio Codec”. Corresponding to the concept that the comfort of the playing of music files is linked to the highest playback quality; not only the NO lossy data reduction as in case of MP3 and other similar formats, but also the significantly better audio quality as compared to the CD. These FLAC files can be played on a series of Hifi Media / network players or it can even be directly played from a Software media player on a PC or MAC.

Meanwhile all DVD+FLAC sets contain a second DVD(-ROM) with 24Bit/192kHz FLAC files and are called DVD+FLAC192 (formerly known as "Special Edition"). There are two versions available:

1. DVD+FLAC192

2. DVD+FLAC192 "Comparison Kit" - This version includes the standard audio CD version, too.


The development in the area of HD-Audio and media players is progressing at a fast pace. Currently the 24/192 format becomes a standard which is supported by most of the new devices. By now there are affordable solutions for beginners available, as well. Therefore now it is a mere logical consequence to completely forego the intermediate step of 24/96 and in the future to only offer this format alongside the established CD and vinyl. In addition to the download version, the corresponding FLAC files nonwithstanding should also be available on a physical storage medium - exactly that is provided by the FLAC192 disc. The FLAC192 contains one DVD(-ROM) with 24Bit/192kHz FLAC files and the printed Booklet. It is available as "Comparison Kit", too.


Advantages of high resolution audio with 24Bit/96kHz or 24Bit/192kHz



Image 1 – spectral display of a music passage over the time:
24/96 -Version above
CD-Version below









Love for music and the fascination for its efficacy centrally determine the operations at ACOUSENCE. Conventional digital signals cannot reproduce the musical procedures and natural sound structures over the time in a way, as it is felt by humans at the time of direct hearing of the music. A 24 Bit/96kHz digital signals offer significant advantages as a result of double effects. On the one hand, hardly any signals are truncated in higher frequency areas (see image 1), and on the other hand, the digital-technological broadening of impulse-like signals and subsequently the luting and veiling of fine musical and tonal details is almost not existent. (Image 2). In all, this attracts the attention to itself in a natural, musical and richly colored sound pattern. Experience the fascination of music in a new dimension!



Image 2 – area within which energy of an impulse is scattered, depending on the sampling rate (CD=red, 24/96=yellow)

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