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  • Classics - LIVING CONCERT SERIES   ( 20 Articles )


    From the very outset, our main field of activity has been classical music, particularly works for large orchestra, but also solo performers, chamber music and choral works. What they all have in common is that they are always recorded on location in natural spaces. The LIVING CONCERT SERIES embodies in a particular way the basic thinking behind the ACOUSENCE “labelphilosophy“. The audio media of this series are as a rule recorded under live conditions. The natural spontaneity of the concert situation, combined with our well-honed recording techniques, which can communicate those minutest of nuances that are so fundamentally important particularly for the atmosphere and emotional impact, provide you with your own very special "concert experience".

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  • Classics   ( 20 Articles )


    Recordings of orchestral music, solo performers and chamber music, always recorded on location in natural spaces.

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  • Classics - Analog Vinyl Records   ( 5 Articles )


    Though it may sound incredible to many, for the true LP connoisseur it is a self-evident truth: The classic vinyl LP can convey details of sound and music that a CD cannot reproduce. For this reason, we have now started to offer vinyl. Our ingenious combination of the best analog and digital technologies from 50 years of audio technology results in analog audio media with extraordinary qualities.

    These records are issued under the product name ARTISTIC FIDELITY | REFERENCE RECORDING, providing a reference for reproductive fidelity to the artistic performance in front of the microphone.

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  • Special Editions   ( 0 Articles )

    Special Editions:





    ACOUSENCE together with the STEREO magazine presents the STEREO Listen and Compare Edition - „Experience Music - Compare the Sound“.


    The set brings you a selection of musical tidbits and top-class interpretations across ACOUSENCE’s portfolio on four storage media: a 180g vinyl record, a Hybrid SACD, a DVD+FLAC (directly playable 24/96 audio DVD incl. 24/96 FLAC files) and as FLAC192 (data DVD with 24/192 FLAC files plus additional bonus materials).


    In a time where high-bit formats via streaming and computer audio have made their way into the HiFi world, this set makes it possible for the so inclined listener to compare the different formats in a unique way. As the motto „Experience Music - Compare the Sound“ already suggests, with the selection of content we remain true to our focus to always put the music centre stage. Besides all the details, which certainly are interesting from a technical point of view already, one most of all will be able to experience the different effect of music in various formats - the very thing that made ACOUSENCE employ high sample rates from the very beginning and also led back to the analogue vinyl record and is paramount in the whole production process. Just listen yourself and be surprised… we wish you a compelling and enriching listening experience!

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  • Jazz   ( 2 Articles )


    Here too we remain faithful to our philosophy: the recordings on offer here should also impress with their high-fidelity sound, high level of musicality and overall intensity of effect.

    Adapted to the style of the genre and the relevant production conditions, there are fewer live recordings here than in the case of the ACOUSENCE classics, but even the “studio productions“ are performed under semi-live conditions in carefully chosen areas on location.

    Our debut recording, CD MAGNETISM with the BEN HEIT QUARTET (release July 2008), already gives an impression of the kind of interesting music combined with high intensity that we can commit to disc like this – not forgetting, of course, our usual high sound quality.

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