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"First you have to feel music, then love it and then understand it"
Ludwig van Beethoven

No skill that man has developed in the course of evolution appears as mysterious as that of musical creation. It does not serve any purpose that directly ensures our survival, but communicates directly with our affective side, and it is possibly the most obvious feature that differentiates man from all other living beings. For this reason, the primary function of music is to impress at an emotional level, through its expressive force and the intensity of its effect on our consciousness.

Musical sound recordings now mean that a huge diversity of performers and their artistic creations, magical bodies of sound and concert halls can be experienced in their own way. However, how far the recording is also a reflection of the aforementioned central task of music depends on a complex interplay of different parameters. In the final analysis, a discriminating musical recording is more than just a kind of “photograph” of a state in front of the microphone.

Musical recordings are an art form; their purpose is to communicate with the listener and generate associations, and, in the final analysis, facilitate in a quite particular manner an experience of the artistic performance and all the aspects of the composition. Ultimately their purpose is to engender that effect which for thousands of years has been the reason for music making.


"Sound, good sound, is paramount"
Leopold Stokowski

A love of music, therefore, and fascination with the potential it has for affecting us play a central role in our work at ACOUSENCE. In our increasingly technology-dominated multimedia world, it is easy however to forget the main task of music. Only if the expressive force is right can musical recordings provide more than just musical backdrop to paper over silence.

By its nature, a live experience is a one-off process, defined by the ambient situation at the moment of its being heard, the mood of the person, the place where you are sitting, and the performer’s form on the day, etc. Musical recordings make the experience repeatable, and in a different context as well. Moreover, the effect can be made more intense, due to a more profound encounter with the composition, as well as systematic adaptation in production terms to the listening situation in the home.

This means that the sound becomes particularly important. A performer always tries to get the very best sound from his/her instrument; for a singer the sound of his/her voice is his/her greatest asset. The most important characteristic of a good concert hall is its sound. The sound is the medium in which the musical message flourishes. Without the right quality of sound, the musical effect cannot take hold.

This value that we attribute to sound as the basis for the communication of the musical message is what characterises our products.
Though generally these will indeed be effective when played on mediocre audio equipment, connoisseurs of high fidelity musical recordings, and who are ready to spare no effort in their pursuit of the highest enjoyment, will discover great potential of sound and musical expression.

Experience, therefore, natural tone colours, full three-dimensionality, plastic sound reproduction, and outstanding musicality, all combined together on CDs and LPs from ACOUSENCE records.