As a music label, ACOUSENCE’s origins go back over 25 years. This quarter-century has seen the creation of classical and jazz recordings that enjoy reference status with audiophiles worldwide. We co-founded the vinyl record renaissance by being one of the first labels to press modern 24/192 recordings on vinyl. We were among the first to offer digital downloads in high-resolution 24/192 format.

Later, we became an audio electronics manufacturer because we could no longer find digital studio equipment on the market that met our musical requirements. This gave birth to our first analog/digital converter, which is still setting standards in the natural representation of music today.

In the meantime, private music lovers also benefit from our experience of uncompromisingly good-sounding studio technology. Our audiophile product line covers the complete electronics of a modern music system, from music server/streamer to DA-converter/preamplifier to power amplifier. And because innovation is only progress when it benefits the artistic expression of music, we also dare to develop these devices in a technically more complex and sometimes more unconventional way than the mainstream of the hifi sector suggests. And on the other hand, we leave out what we consider to be marketing gimmicks with no sonic benefit.

It’s the finest nuances in music that make the difference between sounding good and really deeply moving. In audiophile playback, whether we wince at a tutti with timpani, whether the joyfully plucked bass dances like a rubber ball or just booms dully, whether a grand piano sings with its overtones or sounds out of tune, and whether the acoustics of a concert hall become part of the musical event. All devices in the ACOUSENCE music system therefore follow our development approach of focusing on the dynamic system behaviour.