adda191 – Technical Data and Measurements

 2 digital inputs / 1 digital output, different formats depending on configuration:

balanced 110Ω (AES/EBU) on RJ45 Ethercon socket or XLR, galvanically isolated, input voltage according to AES/EBU.

-unbalanced 75 Ω (SPDIF) on Cinch or BNC socket, galvanically isolated, input voltage according to IEC

optical in Toslink standard (input only)

Linear input format PCM 44.1 kHz; 48 kHz; 88.2 kHz; 96 kHz; 176.4 kHz; 192 kHz / 16 bit – 24 bit

2 analog outputs, transformer-balanced, output level at 0dBfs or full scale: approx. 21dBu/ 9Vrms, impedance: <70 Ohm

2 analog inputs, transformer-balanced, level approx. +21 dBu max. for 0dBfs, impedance: 37kΩ (line)

1 Wordclock input/output 75Ω (output only if ADC is fitted)

A/D converter type: 24-bit multi-bit, delta-sigma

Sampling rates, internal and via external sync: 44.1kHz; 48kHz; 88.2kHz; 96kHz; 176.4kHz; 192kHz

Frequency response: 5 Hz – 85 kHz

Power supply:

shielded mains transformer + input filter

Input voltage EU version: 230 volts, 50 Hz (stand-by <0.5W)

Input voltage US version: 115 volts, 60 Hz (stand-by <0.5W)

Dimensions: 483x47x315mm

Weight: 7 kg

We reserve the right to make changes to technical data and equipment.