From Music Creators for Music Lovers

ACOUSENCE has its origins in music production. As a result, we have always kept our ears close to the original, unadulterated musical experience. Our professional passion is to make the effect of this moment of artistic creation tangible in your home: ACOUSENCE – the acoustic experience… Music as an acoustic experience!

It is the finest nuances in music that make the difference between sounding good and really deeply moving. In audiophile playback, it is especially the speed, dynamics and time-correct behaviour that determine whether we wince at a tutti with timpani, whether the joyfully plucked bass dances like a rubber ball or just booms dully, whether a grand piano sings with its overtones or sounds out of tune and whether the acoustics of a concert hall become part of the musical event. All devices in the ACOUSENCE music system, therefore, follow our development approach of always focusing on the dynamic system behaviour.

Converter and Preamplifier


DA-converters are the all-important heart of a modern music system. Here you will find our product portfolio, including preamplifier functionality, even for analog sources and optionally with phono stage.

Source Devices


Whether it’s an extensive music collection or high-resolution streaming, this consistently optimized music server ensures pure music enjoyment and perfect interaction with our converters.

Power Amplifier


Power amplifier with outstanding dynamic properties, optimally matched to the dac-pre preamplifier.