The New Heart of Your Music System: DA Converter and Preamplifier

Remember your last great live music experience! The emotional impact and enrichment that music can create. Making these magical moments available at the privacy of your home at any time is the reason for an elaborate music system.

Since music today is mostly comes in a digital format – from CD to high-res streaming – the DA converter preamplifier ACOUSENCE dac-pre becomes the heart of such a music system. The key to music lies in the adequate conversion of digital music data into analog – “real” –music. This is where it is decided whether music is touching.

This core task is performed by the digital-to-analog converter or “dac” for short. At the same time, however, other supplementary tasks of a classic preamplifier are also included: The management of analog sources incl. Phono-MC or Phono-MM, as well as the direct control of the power amplifier or active speakers via a high-quality volume control. At the same time, the optional phono stage is much more than just an add-on: Our devices treat the analog record playback with the same attention to detail as digital music playback.

Less is more

Most of the sonically important tasks are already combined in this one device. This offers great advantages because a greater complexity of the setup would only put unnecessary hurdles in the way of the longed-for music enjoyment: many individual components need to be carefully combined and connected. Only the tasks that are better done in separate units, in any case, are still outsourced. For the following stage, we therefor offer the pow-amp power amplifier as the perfect complement. And as a source for the DAC, our music server ACOUSENCE mu-se is the ideal player for organizing the digital music data and controlling the playback. This creates a lean and well-matched setup as a simple way to your personal music experience!


The ACOUSENCE dac-pre is available in two versions: The “standard” works with our sophisticated arfi-DAC topology, i.e., four converter signals generate the stereo signal via transformer I/V stage. The “reference” works with the arfi-reference DAC topology, i.e., eight converter signals generate the stereo signal per premium transformer I/V stage. The musical characteristics of both versions are very similar, but the “reference” delivers a bit more fine details with even more dynamics. A later upgrade is also possible.

two digital inputs of your choice

Module slots for an additional digital input or analog inputs

Analog fully balanced volume control via switched fixed resistors; classic operation using a rotary knob / motor potentiometer

Remote control for volume and source selection

Output amplifier with two switchable output levels

Balanced output via transformer

arfi DAC topology, four converter signals generate the stereo signal via a transformer I / V stage

arfi-reference DAC topology, eight converter signals generate stereo signals via premium transformer I / V stage

Analog input, balanced by transformer