Power Amplifier – Optimally Adapted to the dac-pre – with Outstanding Dynamic Properties

With analog pulse width modulation (PWM), we use a relatively new operating principle in our pow-amp. Since it enabled the construction of powerful and compact amplifiers, it was at first only introduced in large-scale industrial production. However, if this operating principle is placed in the uncompromising service of the highest transmission quality, results can be achieved that would be impossible or very difficult to accomplish with conventional technology: It combines the speed and fineness of the tube with the power and low distortion of transistors.

Another advantage of this operating principle is its high energy efficiency. It breaks the paradigm of conventional amplifier designs, according to which good devices are big and heavy and produce a lot of heat to serve the “power-hungry” speakers. We measured for ourselves: One hour of listening to music with the pow-amp consumed only 60W/h even with the most power-hungry 3-ohm speakers at ear-splitting volume.  Yes, even though impulse power of up to 1000 watts is possible, music is very dynamic and on average, only a fraction of that is needed over time. In comparison, a 35 watt Class A power amplifier will easily “burn” 200W/h just by idle current, i.e., without any music at all.

Analog 2-channel PWM power amplifier, 1000W

with sophisticated output filter and very special musical qualities.