ACOUSENCE professional

Our Pro range includes AD-converters, DA-converters, and very flexibly configurable modular systems, all production tools with very special features for the highest demands on music transmission.

ACOUSENCE has its origins in professional music production, which was later complemented by our own audiophile label. From the very beginning, we have modified recording technology and adapted it to our own requirements. Today’s in-house developments have thus emerged from practical requirements. In addition to all technical perfection, the transmission properties in the musical, artistic and creative field are always the focus of our attention.

Converters and Monitoring

Music details captured by the microphone but do not reach the digital storage medium are lost forever. The AD converter is, therefore, the most important production tool after the microphone.

After recording, however, the result must be adequately heard. Only in this way a proper assessment is possible. Therefore, the DA converter also plays a central role.

Both become important when analog processing is desired in the digital production process. That’s why we offer various exceptional solutions of AD and DA converters, from 2 to 32 channels and even more.

Modular Systems

There are two modularly configurable systems based on the same technology and partly on the identical components as in the 2-channel units – and thus, of course, on the same quality level. In addition to an extensive selection of standard configurations, the system193/194 also allows for unusual bespoke solutions. Talk to us!