2-channel microphone preamplifier ADC in a class of its own

  • Input stage for microphone and line level, with premium transformers
  • Phantom power
  • 10dB pad
  • gain switchable via switched fixed resistors, for mic in 6dB steps between 30dB and 72dB, for line in 2dB Steps between 0 and 14dB.
  • Special feature: The gain + 30dB (0dB) is achieved without electronic voltage amplification and even the highest amplification level does not need more than 42dB electronic amplification

There are also many tonal variation options:

The transmission ratio of the transformers can be switched, + 6dB for line and -6dB for mic levels compared to the above levels.

In addition, the active amplifier can be bypassed completely (only recommended for line).

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