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system193 and system194

With system193 and system194, multi-channel converters of 2-32 audio channels can be individually configured at the same exceptional quality level as the 2-channel devices  adda191 and adda191 reference, including various analog as well as digital input and output modules and controls.

system193 and system194 consist of two mainframes that can be modularly equipped according to the customer’s requirements, including rack brackets and transport handles in the common 19-inch format, either with 3 height units (system193) or with 4 height units (system194). The 4U version is used as soon as digital multi-channel interfaces in the formats MADI, DANTE, etc., are required. The 3U version provides AES/EBU interfaces. In system194, there is a 1U level below the system193 to accommodate the additional multi-channel functionality.

In principle, all technologies and components used in other units are available. Beyond that, however, numerous other uses and additional configurations are conceivable. For example, the analog volume control from the adda191reference – even including remote control – could be combined with a number of analog inputs from the dac-pre. The result is an analog monitoring controller… or a flexible monitoring system in combination with converters, for example, 2 ADCs, 4 DACs, 8 analog inputs plus 4 digital inputs… or an ADC is equipped with many AES outputs and the high-precision clock of the ADC serves as the central master clock in this way.

So there are countless conceivable scenarios; talk to us about your special requests!

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The basic mainframe always consists of the enclosure frame and power supply. Thanks to solid aluminium cross beams and massive screw connections, the enclosure is mechanically very robust yet relatively light. All edge transitions, cover plates and front panels are conductive and partly equipped with additional shield seals. This results in the best EMC properties and a very tightly shielded enclosure. The mains connection, including fuse carrier and main switch, is located on the rear. The power supply unit is located in its own, completely closed cassette, thus, it is virtually encapsulated in a housing within the housing.

Housing + power supply + Femto-Clock II

+ AES / EBU digital IO carrier board

Housing + power supply + Femto-Clock II

+ Digital-Multitrack-IO-Section

Available 2-Channel Modules

system19x-adc2, line-level AD-converter with fixed sensitivity (up to 32 channels)

system19x-adc2mic-line, microphone and line-level AD-converters (up to 32 channels)

system19x-adc2mic-line-reference, top-of-the-line microphone and line-level AD-converter (up to 16 channels)

system19x-dac2 smaller version of the “arfi-DAC” topology, specially designed for larger configurations (up to 32 channels)

system19x-dac2reference, DA converter in “arfi-reference-DAC” topology (up 16 channels)

analog input for monitoring purposes

Digital Interfaces

The system193 has an additional block for digital connections; this allows configurations of up to 32 channels with AES/EBU interfaces. The digital connections are individually adapted to the desired configuration. Mastering versions are equipped with stereo interfaces, e.g., one AES output from the ADC plus several AES inputs to the DAC.

The system194 has a 1U level for multi-channel interfaces below the 3U level of the system193. MADI and DANTE are currently available. The topology is organized in two blocks of 16 channels each, since MADI and DANTE generally cannot manage more than 16 channels at 192kHz. One Flexlink interface, compatible with “Flexiverter” or “Multiverter” from our cooperation partner Appsys, is accessible for each MADI and/or DANTE. This can be used to implement other formats, including large digital matrix switcher or routing systems.

With a 32-channel ADC, for example, two blocks are equipped with MADI or DANTE (or mixed) and consequently you have two MADI I/Os or two DANTE ports or one MADI I/O plus one DANTE port. As a special feature, in pure ADC configurations, the 16 return paths of the MADI or DANTE connection are output on 25-pin sub-Ds according to the Tascam configuration and thus System194 works as a format converter or digital multicore. External DACs, for example, can be connected in this way.

Two further module slots on this 1U level are occupied by AES/EBU inputs, for a stereo DAC or as sync inputs for the clock section. Next to them are the Wordclock I/Os and the Flexlink connectors.

In principle, other layouts or front connections are also feasible.