System193 Configuration

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System193 Mainframe


System19x Blockframe


up to 4 pieces per mainframe

System19x Standard Modules


up to four “standard” 2-channel modules per block frame,
i.e. max. eight “standard” channels:


Line-level AD converter with fixed sensitivity


Microphone and line level AD converter


smaller variant of the “arfi-DAC” topology, especially intended for larger configurations up to 32 channels

2-channel analog input

Analog input with input transformers; Alternatively switchable via analog source selection to the main monitoring outputs of a system19x-dac2reference

System19x Reference Modules


Up to two “reference” 2-channel modules per block frame,
i.e. max. four “reference” channels:


Top class microphone and line level AD converter


DA converter in “arfi-reference- DAC” topology

However, a block of eight channels should usually only be equipped with one type of module;
mixed configurations are thus only done block by block.

Including AES/EBU Multichannel-Digital-IO

Each mainframe is automatically equipped with the AES/EBU interfaces that match the configuration ordered.

The AES/EBU outputs of eight ADC channels each are available on an RJ45-Ethercon socket. When fully equipped with 32 channels, this means four RJ45-Ethercons. Corresponding adapter cables to XLR are available. Likewise: eight DAC channels each are supplied with the AES/EBU inputs by one RJ45-Ethercon; with 32 DAC channels then four RJ45-Ethercons.

These are included in the basic price of the mainframe. A surcharge only applies for additional 2-channel digital IOs (XLR or RJ45-Ethercon) or additional 8-channel IOs on RJ45-Ethercon. Anyway, please inquire about such special configurations.

Including Wordclock IO

Every mainframe up to 24 channels is equipped with a word clock IO. The word clock input is always available. The word clock output is only available in connection with at least one ADC. When fully equipped with 32 channels, the word clock IO is completely omitted.

For smaller ADC configurations, up to 24 channels, an AES/ BU input is equipped as a sync input.

Including Operating Elements

The operating elements are located entirely on the front and are selected automatically to match the desired configuration:

One block for PSU and clock section control, thus, for the basic elements of the mainframe.

One to four blocks of eight for GAIN, mic-line switching, pad and P48 per block of eight with system193adc2mic-line

One to four blocks of eight for GAIN, mic-line switching, pad, P48, passive and ratio, each block of eight with system193adc2mic-line-reference