Triple PSU

A clean and stable power supply for the unit is essential. In addition, there are regulatory requirements for efficiency and EMC. Furthermore, the power supply must not disturb the sensitive audio electronics in the immediate vicinity within the same enclosure.

Therefor all our 1U units or the units in low height and also the power amplifier (in our pow-amp as an additional power supply unit to the main power supply unit) are therefore supplied by our special power supply unit in “Triple-PSU” topology. The mains input is via a completely shielded filter unit, followed by the MU-metal shielded transformer with three secondary windings, specially manufactured for us. On the secondary side, the two demanding supply voltages for the analog sections are generated by special very clean voltage regulators. The digital stages, which require a comparatively large amount of current, are supplied by a separate, very efficient stage. This is followed by another multi-stage branching with separate regulators on the mainboard and the individual modules. This not only ensures a clean voltage at the beginning but also independent modules that do not influence each other.